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Estate Planning

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Estate Planning

1. Business Structuring

Business Structuring

Our comprehensive understanding of the tax and commerce enables us to effectively advise on the appropriate business structure through which to operate your business.

Our team has assisted a diverse range of clients, from sole proprietors to complex multinational groups, by advising them on the obligations and advantages and disadvantages associated with a wide range of business structures.


We provide advice on and prepare the necessary documentation to effect all types of business structures, including but not limited to:

  • Establishing partnerships, trusts and companies
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Sale of business agreements
  • Financial documentation
  • Tax funding agreements
  • Trade and sale agreements

Business Restructuring

Does Your Business Need Restructuring?

In circumstances where your business is either growing or experiencing financial difficulties, it is necessary to consider whether your current business should be restructured.

Industry Specific Advice

By drawing on the firm’s expertise across numerous practice areas,we have been able to provide small to medium businessesindustry specific advice on restructuring their businesses.

Our team has many years of experience in guiding business owners through the options, traps and pitfalls of restructuring their businesses, including advising on whether any concessions and exemptions are available to reduce the impact of federal and state taxes (i.e. CGT small business concessions).

2. Business succession planning

What is Business Succession Planning?

The primary role of business succession planning is to develop a tailored agreement to regulate the sale and purchase of a person’s equity in a business upon retirement and upon the occurrence of an unplanned insurableevent, such as temporary to permanent incapacity.

Tailored Business Succession Agreements

By putting in place a carefully structured buy/sell agreement (often called a call and put option agreement), business owners can set out a framework under which they agree to their sell their respective interests in the business or buy the interests of the other co-owners of the business.

Our team has extensive experience in advising owners of small to medium businesses of the common tax and commercial pitfalls faced by intergenerational businesses as well as preparing tailored business succession agreements.

3. Wills & Estate planning

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the process of putting in place contingency plans for your business (if any), investments and personal use assets and making sure that:

  • the investments you make now are passed on to your family or beneficiaries in the most effective way;
  • your affairs are structured to limit legal claims, minimise tax and make provision for incapacity; and
  • your wealth is protected from creditors, relationship breakdowns and other forms of exposure.

Our comprehensive understanding of tax, financial planning, trust law and superannuation enables us to construct effective structures and strategies for dealing with the challenges our clients face in effectively fulfilling their wishes.

Tailored Estate Planning Packages

Whilst our estate planning service fees can vary depending on the complexity of your affairs, our standard fees are as follows:

Estate Planning Services Price
Independent, Mirror or Mutual Wills (with testamentary trusts) POA
Simple Wills (no testamentary trusts) $660
Powers of Attorney & Enduring Powers of Attorney $250
Enduring Powers of Guardianship $300
Advance Health Directives (Living Wills) $250
Letters of wishes (for family trust and testamentary trusts) $450
Deeds of succession (for companies & trusts) $550

Discounts are available for our Estate Planning packages which include more than one of the above services.

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