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1. Limited recourse borrowing arrangements

Experience Superannuation Advice

Our comprehensive knowledge of the superannuation laws and the potential impact of recent superannuation reforms ensures that our clients’ superannuation needs and problems are in secure hands.

Superannuation Matters

Our team has extensive experience in assisting clients with all types of superannuation matters, including:

  • Assisting self-managed super funds (SMSF) maintain and achieve complying fund status
  • Transferring assets to and from related parties
  • Successfully assisting businesses object and appeal against incorrect and unfair employer superannuation guarantee (SG) obligation assessments
  • Advising trustees and auditors on how to resolve contraventions (i.e. in-house asset transactions)
  • Advising trustees on how to best structure their SMSF investments
  • Limited recourse borrowing arrangements

2. Superannuation advice

What is a limited recourse borrowing arrangement (LRBA)?

An SMSF is restricted from borrowing except through limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBAs).

LRBAs are useful borrowing arrangements that allow SMSFs to enter into loans (from either related parties lenders or financial institutions) to enable the SMSF to fund the purchase of assets (i.e. real property or shares).

Our superannuation experts have helped many clients setup and refinance LRBAs to purchase property and shares from both related parties and third parties.

Our LRBA Package

We offer an LRBA package to enable SMSFs the ability to borrow funds from either a financial institution or a related party (i.e. a family trust or a member of the SMSF) to acquire assets.

Our fees for our LRBA package are: Fees
Commercial Lender $800
Related Party Lender $1200


3. Superannuation deeds

Establish an SMSF

We will assist you in establishing a new SMSF by providing you a complete package which contains all the necessary documents.

Our package to establish an SMSF includes:

  • SMSF trust deed – to establish the SMSF
  • trustee resolutions
  • application for membership forms for each member
  • product disclosure statements(PDS) for each member
  • the relevant ATO forms
  • detailed instructions on how to execute the documents and register the SMSF
Our fees to establish a new SMSF are: Fees
Soft copy (emailed to you) $315
Hard copy (posted to you) $415


Update your SMSF Deed

Kings Park Legal will assist you in updating your existing SMSF trust deed to reflect the current superannuation laws and administrative changes.

Our package to update an SMSF includes:

  • SMSF trust deed – to vary the existing SMSF deed
  • trustee resolutions (and any other relevant party resolutions i.e. employer)
  • product disclosure statements(PDS) for each member
  • detailed instructions on how to execute the documents
Our fees to update an SMSF are: Fees
Soft copy (emailed to you) $350
Hard copy (posted to you) $450

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